Desperate Prayers, Divine Answers
By Susanne Scheppmann

“Have you ever wondered how many of these prayers God has answered?” I asked, thumbing through the notebook I’d kept for years.

“Hasn’t it been amazing to watch God work in our families?” my friend replied.

“What’s your favorite answered prayer?” I asked.

“Hmmm . . . my son’s recovery from the methamphetamine addiction. No wait! The ordeal of Ashley—or . . . I can’t. There are too many. What about you?”

“My grandchildren are the best. With five years of prayer under our belts it’s hard to choose, but two of God’s greatest answers are my daughters-in-law. They’re a perfect fit in our family,” I said.

In a Family Way

Prayer has changed our families. On Monday afternoons, you will find my friend and me cozied up on a couch with a cup of tea, a Bible and our prayer journals. We have been awestruck by the answered prayers, even some downright miracles.

Our weekly prayer sessions began out of desperation. We each had two sons and one daughter. All six children needed divine intervention in some area of their lives. Between the two families we have battled:

-Methamphetamine addiction

-Immature decisions


-Career decisions

-Gambling addiction

-Adolescent rebellion

Desperation stalked my friend and me. Our strength diminished with each new crisis that our children faced. Finally, we realized our kids’ lives required divine intervention. We decided to pray together. We needed each other for encouragement, accountability and a reality check.

For myself, I find that concerns over my children magnify when I brood over them. Worry threatens to consume rational thoughts. I cast guilt upon my parenting skills and myself. My prayers experience paralysis. It seems as if my words fall like rocks into puddles instead of floating towards heaven’s throne. It feels as if God is ignoring me.

Find a Prayer-Friend

However, when I get together with my prayer-friend, I experience an uplift of faith; I know that God is hearing our entreaties. My friend gives me a reality check, keeping my feelings from overruling my faith. It is easier for me to believe His words: “They will not toil in vain or bear children doomed to misfortune; for they will be a people blessed by the LORD, they and their descendants with them. Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” (Isaiah 65:23-24)

God answers prayer. Over the years, we have experienced miracles that could have come only through the hand of God. One son was delivered from a methamphetamine addiction and is now a gainfully employed homeowner. A rebellious, strong-willed daughter now displays compassion and understanding as she prepares to marry a godly man. Another son launched a successful career after years of floundering in indecision. The answers astound us. We have experienced the reality of Christ’s words, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).

Do you want to be more consistent in prayer for your family? Would you like to squelch the guilt that mocks you during prayer? Do you need a fresh vision for prayers that seem delayed? If you answered yes, then I recommend a prayer-friend. Ask God to direct you to a friend with whom you can pray regularly for your children, your husband or any other needs you have in your life.

It’s important that you set guidelines for your prayer appointments. This is not the time to chitchat and catch up on the week’s events. Delegate the time to prayer. Share briefly the prayer requests, then pray. Record and date your prayers, so that you both have a personal record of the prayers and the praises for how God answers. And don’t allow discouragement to creep in and keep you from your prayer appointment - consider it a divine appointment.

Divine Delay

Not all of our prayers have been answered yet. Two of our children still walk in the darkness of immorality. They refuse to be part of our family. We rarely hear from them, but God hears from us. Although some prayers seem to go unheard, we wait and trust. A divine delay doesn’t deter us. We pray regardless of outward appearances because we have already witnessed the answers to so many other prayers concerning our children. We know He loves our children more than we do, and He is more patient than we are. The Bible says, “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). He is patient with everyone and every situation. We’re the ones who become impatient and discouraged.

Regardless of whether God answers quickly or slowly, my prayer-friend and I will continue to meet, to pray and to wait. And we will rejoice and praise our Father in heaven for His divine intervention in our children’s lives. God hears our prayers. He hears yours, too. God hears our desperate prayers, and because He cares, He answers.

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Blogger MrsSilva said...

God truly is awesome! This is exactly what I needed to hear. AND I intend to find a prayer partner. The Lord has really been leading me in this direction. I wasn't listening and I was truly floundering. What an awesome God we have, that He would guide me continually even when I am not paying attention.

Blogger Jen said...

God is indeed a God that answers prayer! Don't give up in prayer. It is a battle but God will bring victory. I am seeing this myself in someone He has called me to pray for. I have tried to quit many times but He keeps encouraging me to continue in prayer.
I just got an answer to one of those prayers yesterday. Praise God. I know it is the beginning of more of my desperate prayers for this person to be the godly person God sees him as. Do not give up in prayer until you get the answer. Our God is faithful and all prayer that is prayed according to His word will come to pass in due season. Your labor is not in vain and surely the reward will come. You will want to give up, because the devil will discourage you, you won't see the answer right away but just know with our God all things are possible. Only believe! And yes, get a prayer partner. My friend and I started doing this after talking about it for some time. Fast and pray and watch God work! Our God is awesome!! Our God is on the throne! Our God is faithful!! Our God answers! God bless!

Blogger Tokyo Taboo said...

I used to be a christian, but now have an alternative explanation for miracles.
Do you think I might be right?

Blogger Jen said...

Let God be true and every man a liar!!
That is all I have to say!!

Blogger Wendy said...

I need help! I need God to let me know his will.
I have job that pays 50k but I have no benefits.It is also a job specif job,
I applied for a job in a different city it is with the state it has all the benefits, plus I get back my vacation hours/sick hrs. for time previously earned, this is a permanent job but this job is 2 hours away and God knows I don't have any money to move put another deposit down and so forth, however, this job is 12k less than what I make right now..

Please pray for God to show me what to do.
Love Wendy

Blogger musicgirl said...

Thank you for your comments today about not giving up in prayer. I've been praying now for my daughter for past 17 months. She's been in a relationship with an unbeliever. My daughter is a Christian and active in her church with the youth as a student leader. This relationship happened when she was in a very low place in her life after just graduating from college and not sure what she should do or where she should go with her degree. She is a very compassionate person and wants to help people. This young man is needy and is not a good fit for our family in many ways. Please pray that God will have his will and His way this year in my daughter and send her a Godly young man who fits into our family.

Blogger Hope said...

This gives me hope about the power of prayer. Ive been very lucky to have been blessed with a prayer partner. We have been praying every night for the last 7 months. After 11 years of marriage and 15 years together my husband told me he was gay. This has been a very painful and discouraging road.........but one that I will not give up on. I believe in the power of prayer. Acts 3:16 says through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed-and u know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus' name has healed him before your very eyes. Ive also read we must not give up on marriages bc we think that either spouse is beyond rescuing. Dont give up on the power of God and what He can do if only we do our part.....My part to pray for my husband like his life depends on it....bc it does. Satan has thrown many things at me to try to get me to stop fighting and praying.....but he knows my prayers are powerful and I will not be swayed--I will not give up! It is a battle but God will bring a victory.

Blogger carol said...

Our God is an awesome God. Have seen miracles in my son's lives and will always pray for them to know God's will in their lives. But I am discouraged in my life as I am divorced and I believed I knew what God's will was for me but it has been 9 years and I don't know if I was wrong so I ask for prayer that I will know that I know God's will for my life in 2010God Bless all in this new decade

Blogger Erica said...

Erica: Thank you for sharing your New Years prayer with us. It is a great inspiration for me. For many years I have prayed for my older son to come out of drug/alcohol addiction and the occult. I used to have a strong group of women who would get together every Tuesday, and join in prayer... but that ended years ago. God did deliver my son from the occult and drug addiction, but he continued to drink alcohol and this led him to prison. He gets very violent, and he hurt a young woman and he was sentenced to 90 months in prison. He is angry and rebellious with me and with God. I tried to help him, but now he thinks I am his worst enemy, and has made threats against me. He is due to get out of prison sometime this year... maybe as soon as this summer 2010. I am scared for me and my family, please pray for a God intervention in his life, and for our protection... I am afraid of his anger and what he might do to me if he starts drinking or doing drugs again.
I believe in prayer... please pray that God will bring in my life a prayer partner that will be faithful as a prayer partner who will have faith to believe with me, that God will save him and protect us. Thank you and God Bless you!. Have a happy and blessed year in Christ Jesus.

Blogger Jen said...

Happy New Years sisters!!

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers... Eph 6:12.

Our God was on the throne in 2009 and He will be on the throne in 2010! Hallelujah!! Praise You God!
Lets keep on persevering. Its hard work, it is labor, but we will have a sure reward. Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9

Lets all agree with these prayers please and wait upon our Great God to answer us from heaven!!

Wendy... keep seeking the Lord, He will show you what to do.Be still and know that He is God. Psalm 46:10 Lord God give Wendy wisdom regarding her job. Please show her what to do as she seeks You to show her the way! Put her in the right job you have for her God.Thank-you Lord!!

Musicgirl... You may be just one prayer away from the answer. Keep it up! God please shut that door with this non believer and her daughter, please take him away from her daughter and bring her a godly man that is in love with you, that this relationship would please you and bring you glory, convict her by Your Holy Spirit that she is not to be unequally yoked, that it is disobedience and that this relationship will not be blessed by You! Thank-you Jesus!!

Erica... God is your shield and protector. Do not fear, He is with you always! Lord we pray for your protection on Erica and her family and for the Spirit of God to convict Erica's son and to set him free and make him a new creation in Christ Jesus and to use him for your glory. Set him apart Lord God. Thank-you Lord!

Hope...God bless you as you fight for this marriage.
WOW. Lord we pray for Hope's husband that You would set him straight and free him from homosexuality and restore and repair this marriage in the name of Jesus. Bless Hope as she trusts in You and rests in Your goodness and fights for this marriage. Thank-you Lord!

Carol...Keep asking knocking and seeking!! Lord give Carol wisdom and discernment. Show her your will one step at a time. Keep her in your will O God. Give her the desires of her heart as she delights in You. Shower her with your love and grace O God. Thank-you Jesus!

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto thy path. Psalm 119:105.

Lord God thank-you for hearing our prayers God and we praise You that You are able to save and restore the years the locust have eaten. We bring these petitions before you Holy God, we believe by faith God that you hear us and you will answer us, Lord these prayers are according to your will and we believe by faith that you will answer them for Your glory and honor. For we have confidence that if we ask anything according to Your word, You will do it. Oh Lord we believe in You and Your power and authority over the devil and his demons to set free and deliver. For You honor Your word above Your name O God. Holy are YOU!
We thank-you for the answers Lord and we love you so much for your great love and care for us and for our family God and those we love. We are your daughters, who you treasure so much and adore. Give us strength to continue Lord walking with You, being obedient to You and following You all the days of our lives. Give us wisdom as women Lord, and make us those Proverbs 31 women. Lord, I pray for my son who is not walking with you God, please save him, rescue him from his sin and set him on fire for you and also for Nick God, who once walked with you Lord God, convict him of his sin of rebellion and hypocrisy and set him on fire for you also. Lord, hear from heaven and answer us we pray, and we all agree in the name of our Jesus Christ! Amen and amen.

Thank-you sisters!
Lets keep up praying for each other and keep us posted on what God does and is doing in answer to our prayers.
God bless you all!
Love in Christ Jesus,

All the promise of God in Him are Yes and in Him Amen!! 1 Corinthians 1:20

Blogger trish_1050 said...

My heart is heavy for Erica. I have grandchildren that seem to have no conscience. A son in law with a very dark side. I know her fear and I know also that God is able!
Heavenly Father, we do not know Erica, but You do. Her son needs You to intervene in his life. We pray for a hedge of protection around Erica and her family. This can be a deperate situation if You do not touch this young man's life. We know You are a miracle working God and we seek a miracle today. Please send guardian angels to encircle this family. We ask the Holy Spirit to petition you for protection and salvation. You are a mighty God and we have faith in your power to restore families and change hearts. Please speak to this young man. Please show him the way is through you. Restrict him from hurting anyone. We ask you in Jesus' name. Amen.

Blogger jackie said...

Thank you for the prayers, I pray that GOD leads me to a Prayer Partner as well. In the meantime I ask that you stand with me in prayer-I have several neices and nephews in the Homosexual lifestyle, a 14 year old son that is ADHD. I also need GOD's favor for a debt on a car that I gave back and they are now trying to make me pay over $15K dollars for the balance they say is owed after they sold the car. Ms. Jackie M. Robinson

Blogger Alma said...

Its amazing how God works in our lives. His wisdom is far beyond what we can understand. He sees and knows it all. Having a prayer partner is a great idea, I definitely need spiritual encouragemtent. Especially during these hard times in my marriage. I've been married 1 year now with a man who is double my age and was married before with 2 boys (ages 8 & 16). But we have been together 6 years in total. The past year has been the toughest. Our relationship has been pretty rocky and we were not putting God first which could explain a lot. In October my husband told me he wanted to divorce because was tired of our problems and he didnt want to deal with them anymore. I was devestated. He said he needed time to think. During that time I realized how far I was from God and how much I needed Him. I began praying again and asked my Pastor along with the elders to pray. My husband was completely closed and wanted to talk to no one, which scared me the most. After about 1 month and a half God answered my prayers and broke through my husband. He told me he loves me and wants to continue. I was so relieved and praised God! However, the difficulties continue. He does not want to put effort in our marriage, which makes it so difficult and painful. I continue to pray for him, and our marriage. I know there is nothing impossible for God. And although sometimes I feel hopeless and discouraged, God reminds me that He's with me and gives me strength to continue. God is our light in midst of the darkness of this world. And it comforts my heart to know that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Blogger Hope said...

Jen I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your prayers. Thank you so much.

Blogger Jesuslovesyou said...

God is great, I know it! But, I've been praying for a little bit now that he would make my sister and her husband grow up and take on the roles of adulthood. They are at our house like EVERYDAY! I'm sorry, but sometimes you need space, and my sister isn't the easiest person to get along with. I keep praying, but I am getting discouraged. Please pray for me and my family and my faith to be strengthened. Thanks.

Blogger Jaz said...

A well-planned drug addiction intervention can be just what an addict needs in their life. What may have began as recreational use that is exciting, will not last forever. But still, the chemical dependency latches on and they will be driven to use even if they feel empty inside.

Blogger Tekesha said...

Lysa your testimony and books has been such a blessing and an inspiration in my life and spiritual walk. I was seriously contemplating a divorce and I received an email from a friend and the topic you were speaking on happened to be on marriage, GOD was truly speaking to me. Since that day which was less than a month ago I purchased What Happens When Women say Yes to GOD, read it and it truly ministered to my soul, Next I purchased Being more than a good bible study girl--Truly Awesome!! My husband bought me What Happens When Women Walk in Faith on yesterday, I am loving it already. I am called to ministry and I know this conference is for me. My grandmother always tell me that I should have been a counselor she also prophesied to me saying GOD was going to use me for his Glory and to minister to other young woman. I know that GOD has a calling on my life and I just want to do his will only. I came into contact with Proverbs 31 ministry by divine order and I know that through your ministry GOD is going to help me to help others. Be Blessed!! Love Ya!! Oh I also purchased a NIV study BIBLe I have a Bible but this one teaches the word more understandable. I recently subscribed to the magazines for a year, cant wait to receive them and add to my daily devotion and inspiration.

Blogger Angiliee said...

Hello I don't know where to start. All my life I have felt something was missing. My mother sent me to live in another country with a relative who although provide for me materially, I lacked in other ways. I grew up going to church, told to teach Sunday school when I needed to be taught, I felt I needed to know more. Graduated high school but felt I didn't learn anything. Always started things and not complete them. One bad distrustful relationship after another (all while going to church). Started college twice but never completed a program. Had jobs but never saved money. After feeling tired of the way life was (after leaving church because I felt God just could really exist,) I decided to change careers thinking I finally found something I enjoy doing and want to get certified. Left home with unrealistic goal due to lack of funding and in my opinion, mental capabilities to get certified. After struggling to get into a college, I somehow graduated. Just always felt I was not intelligent in school. I needed to change my life and getting away was the first step. During my first year I must have been to church twice, twice in maybe 5 years! I decided to start praying again and reading the bible, listening to gospel music and preaching/teaching. Moved to a different city and started university. Joined the Christian fellowship and just wanted to go when I wanted and had no plans to get involved. I thought I was growing. I attended bible class. Then I was asked to join a unit and was asked to be apart of a planning committee, participate in services. I have never read my bible more. I searched online for study guides, how to believe, have faith, you name it. I am struggling to pay my rent, buy food and in my course work. I keep praying, attend prayer meetings, fasting, unit meeting, reading and I just can't seem to stay encouraged. I found this site from one of my emailed devotions on one of my lowest days. I have had Easter break from uni and have not had the motivation or decide to revise and sat an exam with one to do that I believe only God can allow me to past. Every month I pray and try to have faith that the money will come to pay the bills so i don't get embarrassed telling my new landlord I can't pay my rent. I have applied for countless jobs, had one interview and did not get the job. I am lying in my bed thinking of how to end this pain. I think of who I can all to talk to but my bill has not been paid so I can't make calls. Everyone is busy with their own lives and problems. The persons who have prayed with me in the past cannot even send instructions for service to in a timely manner because they are busy. I keep praying that God would just have mercy on me and give me a hand here. I don't know what else to do.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Angilee, BE ENCOURAGED!!! God has His Eyes on you and His affections set on you (Jeremiah 31:1-3). You can NEVER go wrong in turning to HIM and His Word. Keep seeking Him diligently and persistently. Ask Him to reveal Himself through His Son Jesus Christ to you by the work and power of His Holy Spirit, and to reveal the Great Love that He has for you. God Is sooooo Good and sooooo Faithful; He will do it in and for you! Seek Him from a place of Faith and confidence in Him, knowing that He desires to reveal Himself through His Son Jesus Christ to you far more than you could ever realize. You listed a number of requests in your comment above, and the answer to All of your requests above, and ever, is JESUS!!! When you seek Him you will "surely" find Him (Jeremiah 29:13), and "the finding will be made all the sweeter for the seeking (A. W. Tozer - The Pursuit of God" ...roughly paraphrased). And when we find Jesus, I mean "truly" encounter Him for ourselves and surrender our lives without condition nor reserve to Him, EVERYTHING falls into place! It does not mean that life's conditions nor circumstances are going to be perfect (we won't obtain that sure promise until that Glorious Day - Revelation 21:3-4), but it does mean that He will be in perfect control over our lives, and the pieces of the puzzle of our lives will begin to come together in ways we could never have imagined nor orchestrated on our own. And the beautiful thing about it, the thing that gets me every time, is that JESUS IS our EVERYTHING; Jesus is our Intercessor, Jesus is our Mediator, Jesus is our Answerer and Himself IS our ANSWER!!! Thank You God for Your Precious Son Jesus and for All that You have made Him to Be to us, and for the gift of Your Holy Spirit!!!

It is my prayer that you would lay hold of Jesus and find Him to be all your heart is searching for and so much more, and I heartily pray the same for myself and all reading this because we all desperately need Jesus more and more each day!!!

with much&earnest love from a fellow sister in Christ :-)

Blogger 23jellybean said...

I know this Post was from previous year but I saw it today and it helped to hear it.
I've been struggling with prayer lately as I have tried EVERYTHING. I've evaluated my sins, my thoughts and all that could be holding me back in having any of MY desperate prayers answered. Especially when I feel that I don't have that many and that I'm praying for friends and friends of friends, but when a season comes like now that my husband is divorcing me and my 60 yr old father is dieing from Stage IV brain cancer and I hear nothing, not even one step direction of do I get a lawyer.
And then it seemed to get worse prayers I would pray for friends that were being answered before now their prayers are not getting answered.
The devil wants me to stop, and even tells me hey at least stop praying for your friends and strangers and pray just for your needs cause your God can't answer all these prays or yours are too hard but your friends are easier.
But I have to remember GOD has already beaten the devil more times and in harder times than these and he will defeat him again, if I keep praying For EVERYONE! And only then will we defeat the devil.

Thank you again, for this post and the previous comments as they have helped me for this moment to not let go.
God Bless!


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